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The Product Vizualization Octane Masterclass (English language only) is a Pro course for learning advanced techniques of shading, lighting, shooting a set of models accurately prepared for getting photorealistic results, placed in a room with a dramatic mood, all starting from 0. The final result of this course is shown below, and after the 8 hours, you will get the full knowledge used for creating the whole room and items, plus a very precious intro, giving tips and tricks for getting a better method and approach to the 3d world.

The masterclass is for intermediate and advanced users who want to know more and expand their knowledge, but we believe that here nothing is that hard to really exclude somebody from following the course. The only skill you need is about Cinema4D workflow as Object Manager, Camera and navigation tools, Octane Rendering engine parameters and so on.

We love Octane Render for its great Visualization quality and for the amazing speed with GPU on board of your PC/MAC. Shaders, lighting, materials are created in realtime. Remember that Octane needs high performance GPU so please take a look into the supported hardware from Octane Render specifications.

During this course we want to give you the key for the realisms of lighting, shading and rendering with Octane Render. We choose to shading a single object with perfect textures, materials and shaders, some of them retouched for best results, for achieve great results. Here you can take a look to the final scene render with all objects from all lessons. Every single object will be perfectly shaded.

We start the lessons with a cappuccino...what about the best breakfast food for start the day? Create metallic and glossy materials with octane is a first part of the shading techniques. We add scratches to the metal and imperfections on the ceramic mat. We also create the coffee foam for the final results.

Using the power of Octane Render BRDF system we create a beautiful milk with volume effects and a great glass material with imperfections and scratches on the surface. We selected some textures to achieve the final results. 

Not only hard materials but also the food is important. We created the chocolate shader with imperfections and a good biscuits shader.

Here another set of items from the scene. A cup of tea with a volume material for the liquid. On pictures below some advanced props from the course.

The course has been created by Fabio Ciliberti: My job is graphic designer and CGI artist since 2009. I started my career on Yacht design. Now I work on interior design and I'm moving from retail design to product design and also on automotive area. I live in Praga where my job is to design products on a great lighting company named Sans Souci Lighting. If you want to ask me something about the course feel free to write me at:

Is this Course for me?


This course is suitable for who want to learn advanced techniques with Cinema4D and Octane Render and find the way to the photorealism. You will learn how to make stunning materials from metal to liquid passing through glasses and more.

What requirements I need?


You must know Cinema4D and the basic workflow. Moving through managers and Octane Render material editor and settings. You need to know how create basic materials with Octane Render, how to start a render and camera settings. You can learn basic knowledge with the Visualization Octane you can find on courses list from the same teacher.

Will Octane will be used?


Oh yes!, this course is fully based on Octane Render so you must have installed into Cinema4D. You can follow the course if you have Octane release 4 and up.

How do i follow the course?


The video is streaming only so you can't download locally. After purchase you will be able to see the course with a playlist and download the scene files. Make sure to have almost 2 Mbit of connection for a good streaming.

Do I need a license?


If you don't have licensed softwares you can follow the course with DEMO versions. Please go to MAXON site to download the DEMO version and go to Octane Render site for download the DEMO plugin.

How to buy it?


Our site is Italian language only but we have some English Courses here so we translated only some parts of the site. Go to the top of the site and click on "acquista il corso" and follow instructions. You can pay with credit card (via paypal). If you need help please contact us and we can give some tips how to buy.